Remote Interactive Workplaces Across Ontario and Canada

The workplace post-COVID-19 will be different than before, and we will have a new normal.  Companies are changing their work policies, and we see a need for collaboration equipment. People will be travelling less for business and working from home but still require a solution to collaboration with others. AV has the ability to connect people without actually being together, facilitating interactive meetings with remote participants. Let us show you the solutions we can offer at Cinemastage for huddle rooms to complex boardrooms. 


Enhance Productivity in Your Business With Our Collaborative Solutions

Learn more about the Crestron Mercury BYOD (Bring your own device) and the Mercury Flex with Native teams or Zoom plus BYOD:

See the Crestron solutions in action:

Crestron Mercury All-in-one UC and AV Tabletop Solution

Overview of Crestron Mercury X with Microsoft Teams


Learn more about the Barco Clickshare Wireless conferencing CX-30

Learn more about the Barco Clickshare Wireless conferencingCX-50

See Barco Clickshare Wireless Conferencing in action: